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RevOps Framework: Getting Ready to Drive Business Growth

Over the years, departments’ influences revenue growth has operated as disparate units and plays respective roles in a particular stage of the customer journey. With the change in customer dynamics, the revenue growth is geared toward driving alignment across teams responsible for the customer life cycle experience: marketing, sales and customer success. As businesses today … Continue reading

The Battle for Customer: Fundamental of CAC and CLV (First Part)

Gaining ‘mind share’ remains one of the best strategies for company to position its products and services. This mind share works for both Customer Acquisition (in case of potential customer) and Customer Retention (in case of existing customer). In the age of heightened customer expectations and widespread sharing via social media, positive customer experiences have … Continue reading

Do KPIs work for sales persons?

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) probably requires minimum orientation to people in corporate world. The term has already become an identical formula or method to measure performance in the wonderland of corporate managers. To be effective it has to be really three things – an instrument to help you meet your end goal, it has to … Continue reading

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