I am Md. Moulude Hossain, a person with pretty justified positivism about every aspect of my life. I am a very capable person with intense personal magnetism and a great love of home and family. One of the most important traits of my personality is I am detail-oriented and have a hard time letting something rest until I am satisfied it’s complete and accurate. In my personal time and on my own world I am very sensitive and often think about my childhood and how it affects me in the present. Learning to let go of things is something that will contribute greatly to my happiness and success in life. 

Besides my professional commitments and responsibilities I am very much fond of bonding with people. In my personal world I used to write poems and short stories. Through my poems and stories I express my eternal pain that I can’t show and hide from eyes wanting to see me happy and charming. I like to charm people and want to help others to smile. I love to see people smiling because people looks beautiful when they Smile.

The best wish I used wish others is “Keep Smiling”……..

My Professional Summary


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