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Digital Transformation of Customer Experience and Omni-Channel Marketing: The Fundamentals (First Part)

With the evolution of digital channels and media, customers now have more channels to find and buy products. This digital transformation of customer journey offers greater opportunities for marketers to connect with and engage such customers. In the modern day customer journey, from information search to post-purchase support customer interact with the brand over multiple … Continue reading

Managing Customer Dynamics in the Age of Digital Disruption: Definition and Approach

With the rapid proliferation and advancement of technology, customers adopt technology at a rapid pace. While the digital disruption gives a business an opportunity to stand out, it also is increasing customer negotiation power as well. With the help of apps, social network, mobile, and IoT devices, customers expect more and demand more in terms … Continue reading

Customer Lifecycle Marketing: A Strategic Approach to Reach & Retain Customers (Part 1)

Survival in the hyper competitive market isn’t just about to acquire the most customers, but keeping them coming back over time. Understanding the progression of a customer’s journey with the brand is a critical component in building brand loyalty and creating brand advocacy. It helps to decide how, when, and where to interact with a … Continue reading

The Battle for Customer: Implication of CLV & SOW in Strategic Marketing (Final Part)

The hyper competition has putting hard efforts both on strengthening the customer relationship management to making more financially accountable. One of the most significant aspects of profitability in current hyper competition is the lifetime value of “free customer‟. However along with the battle for customer, most of the organizations still have problem in sustaining their … Continue reading

The Battle for Customer: Fundamental of Share of Wallet (Second Part)

The battle for new customer remains core for any company to increase sales revenue. But, it is evident that marketers believe that generating more sales from existing customers is far easier and less expensive for company. The underplaying belief is that, existing customers understand brand value and company offerings which reduces the time and cost … Continue reading

The Battle for Customer: Fundamental of CAC and CLV (First Part)

Gaining ‘mind share’ remains one of the best strategies for company to position its products and services. This mind share works for both Customer Acquisition (in case of potential customer) and Customer Retention (in case of existing customer). In the age of heightened customer expectations and widespread sharing via social media, positive customer experiences have … Continue reading

Knocking Copy: A Competitive Tool Making The Consumers Blind

Also known as, “Knocking Copy”, comparative advertising is a technique by which a product is compared with a competitive product with the intent of providing its superiority. In contrast, the more traditional advertising approach of promoting sales is based solely on the merits of a particular product or service. Comparative advertising identifies the competition for … Continue reading

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